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2020: Electronic health insurance card will be preeminent

2020: Electronic health insurance card will be preeminent

According to Point g, Clause 5, Article 42 of Decree 146/2018/ND-CP: By January 1, 2020, the social insurance agency must issue an electronic health insurance card to health insurance policyholders.

This card is made of plastic, about the same size as an ATM card but is equipped with an electronic chip that stores the participants’ information, facilitating the process of monitoring and treating the disease when the entire history of examination and treatment is save on card. Another preeminent feature of the electronic health insurance card is that it allows the patient to be verified through biometric technology (fingerprint and face recognition) quickly and accurately.

The basic content on the card is static content, little change such as ID, full name, date of birth, date of issue of card … Other contents such as gender, residence, examination facility Initial treatment … will be managed directly on the professional software of the social insurance agency.

With the advantages of electronic health insurance card, in recent days, participants of health insurance for medical examination and treatment may not need to bring ID documents as well as shorten the time of examination, inspection and payment as before.

Source: Người lao động