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Bản tin hàng tháng OneStepVietnam – Tháng 9/2022


The economy expanded 13.76 percent in the third quarter compared to 5.05 percent in the first quarter and 7.72 percent in the second quarter.

In January-September period, manufacturing grew by 10.69 percent while retailing and services by 21 percent.

The agriculture-forestry-fishery sector increased 2.99 percent, contributing 4.04 percentage point to the overall economy growth.

The industry and construction sector rose by 9.44 percent, contributing 41.79 percentage point, while the services sector increased by 10.57 percent, contributing 54.17 percentage point to the nation’s GDP growth.

Earlier this week, the World Bank predicted that Viet Nam’s economy is expected to grow by 7.2 percent in 2022, on the back of a strong rebound in domestic demand and continued solid performance by export-oriented manufacturing.

Source: Online Newspaper of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam


The National Standard No. 13456:2022 on Fire Protection – Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign – Design and Installation Requirements

National standard TCVN 13456:2022 applies to the design and installation of emergency lighting and emergency exit instructions for chambers, houses and constructions in all phases: new construction, renovation, creation, and repair or usage change. Below are some highlighted points:

5.1.1 Emergency lighting must be installed at buildings and structures for the following areas:

a) Escape stairs;

b) The escape route and the location of the escape route, the corridor intersection;

c) A change in altitude on the escape route;

d) Emergency exit paths and doors;

e) Parking garage;

f) In the working space, the farthest distance point of the chamber to the nearest emergency exit is more than 13 meters. In case these chambers have one escape route, they can only be installed emergency lights at that route;

g) In the chambers where the substation room is located, the generator area/room, the elevator technical room, the fire refuge area;

h) In the firefighting control room, firefighting-pumping room and at locations equipped with other fire prevention and fighting means.

The installation may not be necessary in the following cases:

– Garden and terrace area without roof;

– A 1-story building with the floor area no more than 200 square meters and an opening space on the outside wall at least 80%.

5.1.2 Illuminating the emergency escape route

For emergency exit with its width up to 2 meters, the average horizontal illumination on the floor along the center of escape route must be greater than or equal to one (1) Lux and the central strip with its width which is greater than or equals to half of the escape route width must be illuminated at least 50 % of that value.

5.1.6 Room incident lighting

– Fire alarm control panels, fire alarm buttons and fire-fighting facilities must always be illuminated adequately so that they can be easily located. If they are not placed on the emergency exit aisles or not placed within the unobstructed space, they must be illuminated at least 5 lux at the floor level.

5.2.9 Diagram of escape instructions

– On stories with its area larger than 1000 square meters or with more than two emergency exits, there must be an emergency exit map.

– The size of the emergency exit map depends on the characteristics and nature of the business; floor and room area; escape plan but must be no less than:

+ 600 x 400 mm – for instruction map at each floor;

+ 400 x 300 mm – for instruction map at each room;

– The emergency exit diagram is posted in condition that the lower edge of the emergency exit map is at 1.5 m ± 0.2 meters off the floor.

Other technical details: refer to the standard.

A standard published by an organization in a written form for voluntary application but the national regulation on fire prevention and fighting is mandatory.

This standard has come into force since March 1, 2022.


In September 2022, OneStepVietnam provided consulting services (including training, consultation and internal audit) to 2 factories using legal requirements, brand and international standards regarding social compliance. Besides, OneStepVietnam provided regular audit and assessment services for its customers.

OneStepVietnam team – September 2022